14-16 Oct 2024 | Royal Dublin Society, Dublin
14-16 Oct 2024 | Royal Dublin Society, Dublin

Our Rockstar Speakers

Tomasz Tunguz

General Partner
Theory Ventures

Eynat Guez

Co-founder & CEO
Papaya Global

Todd Olson

Co-founder & CEO

Job van der Voort

Co-founder & CEO

Event Structure

Whether you’re an early-stage startup, a SaaS unicorn, or an investor, the SaaStock agenda is structured to allow you to pick the content that is most meaningful to you.

The Startup Day gives SaaS startups everything they need to grow to the next level.

Investock brings together SaaS investors to network and hear the latest insights on topics like trends in the funding landscape.

And SaaS.City is our series of one-day topic-specific bootcamps, with a variety of focus areas to choose from. 

Then, join us for the two main conference days for even more world-class content and facilitated networking.

Last, but by no means least, qualifying SaaS founders with more than $5M ARR can apply to join us at our exclusive founders’ retreat, SaaSociety.

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Dublin Roundtables

Day 1 - May 14 - 11.30-12.15
How to Win Your End Game as a SaaS Founder

There are many ways to win the game as a SaaS founder, but most founders don’t clearly understand all their potential success path options. They are hidden from view and obscured by funding focus. Greg’s live session helps founders to understand their likely success paths, covering the following:

  • What are SaaS founders’ most common success paths, whether funded or bootstrapped?
  • How have end-game options changed for SaaS founders in the last five years?
  • How can founders determine their own best success path and ignore the hype?
  • What can founders do to increase their odds of winning, and do it their way?


Greg Head

Founder, Practical Founders

Day 1 - May 14 - 12:30 - 13:15
How To Build Habit-Forming Product-Led Experiences

For most PLG tools, up to 80% of users sign up once and never come back. If you don’t fix that problem, driving sustainable and efficient growth will be nearly impossible. The solution is to create a seamless, habit-forming, product-led experience that includes in-product nudges, messaging prompts, and human touches from sales and CS. In this interactive workshop, Ramli John—Growth Advisor, Content Director at Appcues, and author of “Product-Led Onboarding”—shows you how to apply a simple but powerful framework created by Stanford behavior scientist Dr. BJ Fogg to influence user behavior, increase engagement, and boost product adoption. You’ll learn: 

  • Why building user habits is a huge competitive advantage for PLG companies
  • The common design, messaging, and human tactics of habit-forming experiences
  • When the best moments are for sales and customer success to reach out to users


Ramli John

Content Director, Appcues

Day 1 - May 14 - 13:30 - 14:15
The Exit Playbook - How To Cash Out on Your Success

Exit is the dream on the horizon for every founder and the most successful ones are often baked in from day one. Whether it’s a merger, acquisition or IPO, this playbook extends beyond financial maneuvers, encompassing stakeholder management, working capital oversight, and staff transition finesse. Navigating the nuances of exits requires foresight, avoiding missteps, and preserving the core essence of your company. From strategic rollups to decisive buy-outs, not all exits are created equal. Success hinges on the art of understanding what suits your vision and business, creating a narrative of strategic decisions and adaptability in the dynamic business landscape.


SC Moatti

Managing Partner, Mighty Capital

Day 2 - May 15- 12.30-14.15
Expanding Overseas? The Payment Pitfalls That Could Stop You Scaling Successfully

Entering new markets and acquiring international customers are must-win moments for any scaling business. In the SaaS world, opportunities can come fast and efficiency is key for both customer experience and cost control. Global application spending is expected to hit $232M in 2024, is your business ready to efficiently capture any of that? From collecting cross-border payments to owning a system that scales with your company, this live roundtable led by payment experts Flywire has been curated to help you: 

  • Better understand the common pitfalls with collecting cross-border B2B payments
  • Benefit from leading advice on country-specific payment trends and methods
  • Take the steps you need to localize your payment experiences
  • Minimize the impact of FX, card and banking fees for your business.


Chris McCracken

Regional VP, Flywire

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